Between the Folds  

BETWEEN THE FOLDS - это хроника из 10 историй, в которой видные мастера оригами дают интервью и рассказывают о своем видении оригами и его преломлении через искусство и науку. Этот уникальный фильм показывает, как тесно искусство и наука взаимосвязаны.

History of Origami

From ancient orikata to modern trends in single-fold origami and free-form paper crimping, the art of origami has roots in Japanese religious and ceremonial traditions.
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Match the Folds
Can you see the pattern in the pattern? Try to match the kaleidoscopic origami fold pattern to the finished product, then download the fold and try to recreate the objects.


Behind the Scenes

“Filmmaking has so much in common with paper folding—they’re creative, process-oriented, technical, structured and expressive.”


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